Live Sets

To Himself

To Himself is a compilation of thought experiments and concepts of ways to perceive the world. It is based on my subjective experiences, explored and documented through daily journaling and discourse.

Written by me, for myself, as a reminder to a future version of myself of these ideas I hold dear.

The piece, with its accompanying music, is also available for download as a PDF.



In a world focused on external achievements and pompous comparisons, Rûh is an artist encouraging humans to explore their inner world and challenge their creativity. With his physically and emotionally moving sound, he moves from ethereal ambient drones to rhythmically persuasive percussion that rides on the steady rhythm of house and hip-hop.

​Rûh, meaning soul, has a sparking energetic devotion to journey through the intangible, endless knowledge of music and a determination to show that logic, control, and theory is not needed to evoke positive emotions through sound.

Photography by: Sid Talukdar